Tool supports automotive Ethernet configuration

February 05, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
In future vehicle generations, Ethernet will take an increasing part - in particular in data-rich application segments such as camera-based driver assistance systems. The Ethernet Configuration Package from software tool vendor dSpace facilitates the task of network configuration.

The dSpace Ethernet Configuration Package embraces two components - the dSpace Ethernet Configuration Tool and the RTI Ethernet Configuration Blockset. The first of the two enables users to configure a dSpace system as simulation node within a service-based Ethernet network. In order to do so, the user imports a Fibex-4 file. Fibex (Field Bus Exchange Format) is an XML-based standard for the description of ECU data networks in automotive environments. After importing the Fibex-4 file, the tool displays the Fibex elements in a tree structure. For the simulation, users can access all elements in a drag-and-drop scheme. In addition, the most important properties of the Fibex elements are displayed in structured views.

The RTI Ethernet Configuration Blockset offers a simple graphical method for modelling service-based communication processes in Matlab/Simulink. Users can develop their own functions to perform the residual bus simulation for Ethernet/IP communication processes.

With the Ethernet Configuration Package dSpace enhances its portfolio of Ethernet design tools which currently embraces the DS1006 processor board for Hardware-in-the-loop simulations and the MicroAutoBox for Rapid Control Prototyping.

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