Touch-sensing solution supports Clarion Touch Panel featured in Suzuki MR Wagon

June 07, 2011 // By Paul Buckley
Clarion Co., Ltd. has selected Cypress Semiconductor’s CapSense touch-sensing solution to drive the touch panel featured in the dashboard of the Suzuki MR Wagon. The touch panel houses the main audio control and is used for volume control and channel selection.

The standard-sized capacitive touch panel is the center unit in the Suzuki MR Wagon. The panel provides 22 separate control functions and delivers smooth, easy-to-operate touch sensing operation along with sleek aesthetics. The panel contains Cypress’s CY8C21534 CapSense chip, an AEC-Q100 qualified device. AEC-Q100 specifications ensure that components meet rigorous Automotive Quality Systems standards.

Cypress’s automotive-qualified CapSense devices are available in A grade (-40 to 85 degrees C), as well as E grade (-40 to 125 degrees C) which is not available in most competitive products. Automotive CapSense enables attractive, highly functional interfaces with improved durability over mechanical buttons and sliders. In addition, their industry-leading reliability, noise-immunity and water-resistance deliver superior performance in the harsh automotive operating environment.

CapSense proximity sensing offers a detection range up to 25 cm, saving power by activating an interface only when needed. The devices are ideal for interior automotive applications such as audio, navigation, AC control and lighting control, as well as exterior applications such as trunk release and passive keyless-entry buttons.

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