Toyota adopts LEDs for adaptive high beam technology

November 28, 2014 // By Paul Buckley
Toyota Motor Corporation is planning to introduce new models from 2015 which will use an adaptive high beam technology that uses independent LED control to enable more precise control of light distribution.

The LED Array Adaptive High Beam System (LED Array AHS) will use multiple independently controlled LEDs arranged in a single row to  give a wider range of illumination than earlier systems without dazzling the drivers of preceding and oncoming vehicles. The technology solution will use onboard cameras to detect the headlights and taillights of preceding and oncoming vehicles and control light-blocking shades to adjust the distribution of light by high beams.

The LED Array AHS is able to illuminate the gaps between preceding vehicles and oncoming vehicles to make it easier to detect pedestrians crossing the road. The solution is also capable of adapting the distribution of light to a wide range of driving circumstances.  The system will be abke to adjust the distribution of light based on the operation of the steering wheel, improving visibility ahead of curves. LED Array AHS combines these functions to provide reliable illumination during nighttime driving.

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