Trace and edit your ECU calibration data

July 01, 2014 // By Julien Happich
The new CDM Studio software tool from Vector supports efficient editing and management of parameter set files used in ECU calibration. This tool lets users conveniently display, compare and edit calibration parameter values.

It supports all commonly used data formats such as ASAM CDF 2.0, DCM, Intel Hex, Motorola-S, PAR and PaCo. This broad support for both traditional and emerging new file formats makes CDM Studio a tool with high flexibility today and into the future. ECU calibrators can also read in parameter set files directly from external tools, such as INCA from ETAS or Vision from Accurate Technologies, and manage them.

When performing complex tasks, filters are used to reduce the number of visible parameters. It is easy to set parameter values and merge parameters from different files into new revision levels. Simultaneous comparison of multiple parameter set files gives users an overview of the different parameterization variants. A number of different comparison reports can be quickly generated for post-processing. CDM Studio saves the development status of individual parameters in ASAM CDF 2.0 or PaCo files together with a history of the maturity level. The calibration data files may be saved as M-script or code files (in C or hex format) to enable integration of parameter values into the software development process.

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