'Transparent' truck lets drivers behind it see road ahead

June 24, 2015 // By Rich Pell
A prototype "Safety Truck" developed by Samsung allows drivers following behind it to "see through" the truck to the road ahead.

The truck features a front-facing wireless camera and four rear monitors in the back that provide a streamed real-time view of the traffic conditions in the road ahead to trailing drivers behind the truck. The company developed the truck to help reduce the risk of accidents caused by drivers attempting to pass such large vehicles, which block the view ahead.

The prototype truck was tested in Argentina where two-lane roads - and traffic accidents - are common. Nearly one person per hour dies in a traffic accident there, according to Samsung, and a majority of fatalities are caused by drivers attempting to pass other vehicles. Another advantage of the truck, according to Samsung, is that it could reduce accidents due to sudden braking in the event of a slowdown ahead or an animal crossing the road.

The truck also features a night-vision mode, as shown in the video (2:00) above, which allows drivers to still see the display clearly at night. Samsung is working to obtain regulatory approval for the Safety Truck.

Samsung Electronics: global.samsungtomorrow.com