Triaxial accelerometers in the ±500g and ±50 g measurement ranges support aerospace reliability testing

July 26, 2012 // By Julien Happich
Meggitt Sensing Systems Endevco has launched the model 65 triaxial Isotron (IEPE-type) accelerometer series to support the rigorous demands of aerospace reliability testing.

Each module must be fully tested for vibration on a shaker, simulating actual use conditions, as well as evaluated for continued performance with fuel flowing through the unit. Featuring high sensitivities of 10 mV/g and 100 mV/g, with ±500 g and ±50 g measurement ranges, respectively, and with excellent amplitude and phase frequency response, the Endevco model 65 series incorporates Meggitt's own proprietary piezoelectric sensing elements for high-performance and stability, housed within a 10mm welded titanium cube with interface via a robust 4-pin Microtech connector.

With a compact, lightweight footprint that weighs just five grams, the model 65 series allows a test engineer or technician to make triaxial acceleration and vibration measurements on lightweight structures and objects. Temporary petro-wax adhesive and a ten-foot cable assembly with BNC connectors are provided as standard accessories, with an optional mounting block also sold separately. An optional high-temperature version, the model 65HT, is further available with 0.5 mV/g, 1 mV/g and 10 mV/g sensitivities and reliable operation to +175°C, without requirement for a separate charge amplifier.

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