Triple alliance has platform for camera-based ADAS

May 21, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Vision-based driver assistance systems are increasingly connected to steering and braking systems of cars. Developers and system integrators for this reason are demanding turnkey platforms that meet the tough requirements of automotive ruggedness and reliability as well as applicable functional safety standards, in particular ISO 26262. Chipmaker Freescale, Green Hill Software and Neusoft have devised such a platform.

By providing a combined hardware and software solution for automotive-related image processing systems, the trio enables developers to significantly streamline the development of complex algorithms and porting these algorithms to the respective target hardware. The solution to be provided by the alliance utilises the Apex Image Processing IP (ICP) from CogniVue which is sold through Freescale. Neusoft - despite its name a Chinese company - contributes ADAS image processing software which automatically adapts to the underlying silicon; Green Hill adds its safety-certified Integrity operating system along with its MULTI tool chain. The result is a holistic, ready-to-use image processing solution custom-made for ADAS applications such as pedestrian recognition, traffic sign recognition or collision avoidance. "If you want to bridge the gap between first-generation ADAS and tomorrow's autonomous cars, you need to utilise object recognition and object identification technology", says Freescale image processing technology expert Ray Cornyn.

The Apex processor technology enables users to extract application-specific information from an image and processes these data as required for decision-finding or other processes. Freescale has licenced the Apex-642 ICP Core IP from CogniVue and sells this technology to automotive markets.

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