TRW airs technology roadmap for Integrated Electronic Control Panel

June 04, 2012 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Since unveiling its Integrated Electronic Control Panel (IECP) in 2007, TRW Automotive Body Control Systems business has evolved the technology that combines major interior controls, advanced vehicle network architectures and telematics into a single panel in the vehicle's center stack. This has led to a number of new customer contracts with major global vehicle manufacturers, including Ford Motor Company.

The automotive supplier said it is further enhancing IECP technology with intuitive interfaces and customizable trim options. Features in TRWs are projected graphics, reconfigurable icons, capacitive touch panel and display screen integration. In addition, the panel is equipped with a touch Pad with script recognition, based on capacitive touch sensing and membrane switch technology.

The latest designs yield many benefits to vehicle manufacturers and consumers, including enhanced cabin styling and helping to minimize driver distraction due to simplified human machine interface (HMI).

The IECP offers flexible customized design including color matching to the interior, back lighting and jeweled surfaces, as well as providing superior fit and finish. It could include external device interfaces – offering both direct and wireless (Bluetooth]) interface and control of nomadic devices including cell phones, MP3 players, Radio, Broadband internet access, and navigation devices.

The IECP technology roadmap calls for a number of sophisticated developments including hybrid touch sensing technologies, touch screen displays, proximity sensing and the possibility of gesture recognition and advanced vision technology to assist in controlling vehicle functions.