TRW rolls rotary seat belt pretensioner

August 21, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive safety system expert TRW has designed a new anchor seat belt pretensioner in a rotary configuration. The APR1 features a lighter weight design and more compact packaging resulting in an easy integration for vehicle manufacturer interiors. Thus, the system particularly meets the needs in challenging packaging situations in cars.

There is no linkage element necessary and only the normal seat belt webbing will be visible in the vehicle cabin. It is designed to deliver pretensioning forces of more than 3 kN, which can help to remove some seat belt slack within milliseconds of a crash being detected.

When combined with TRW's spectrum of occupant protection seat belt and airbag options, the APR1 helps form the basis of advanced adaptive occupant technologies designed to help manage occupant energy in an unavoidable crash scenario. For example it can be combined with TRW’s Active Control Retractor system or Active Buckle lifter, that help to remove some seatbelt slack before a crash occurs if a potential crash is detected by active vehicle sensors.

The APR1 will launch on several European vehicle platforms in 2015.