Ultra-compact high efficiency power supplies reduce parts count by 80% in automotive applications

June 14, 2013 // By Julien Happich
Rohm has announced the development of compact, high efficiency power supplies designed to drive DDR memory, microcontrollers, and other components in car applications.

The BD905xx series integrates a phase compensation circuit and feedback resistor, reducing the number of external parts considerably compared with conventional power supply ICs. This simplifies design load and contributes to end-product miniaturization. These power supplies use synchronous rectification for high efficiency operation, in combination with Light Load Mode, ensuring superior performance with low current consumption under all load conditions. The chips come in a HTSOP-J8 package, reducing volume by approximately 80% compared with conventional products, claims the manufacturer. Loss is a 10th the level of conventional LDO regulators, resulting in minimal heat generation.
This simplifies thermal countermeasures, making it suitable for microcontrollers and DDR memory used in today's vehicles that require greater current consumption. Synchronous rectification, coupled with Light Load Mode, results in over 90% efficiency under all load conditions for minimal current consumption. Rohm offers models in different output voltages and currents designed for various automotive systems (1.2V for microcontroller cores, 1.5V and 1.8V for DDR memory).

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