UMC to manufacture automotive power devices for Infineon

December 15, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
In an extension to its long-standing partnership with semiconductor foundry UMC, Infineon will transfer its Smart Power technology SPT9 to the latter. Beginning early 2018, UMC will start to manufacture SPT9 products in 300mm wafer technology.

SPT9 stands for a technology is a proprietary technology that combines microcontroller intelligence and power technology on a single die. The130nm process technology has been developed by Infineon who also holds the copyright. In a joint press release, Infineon highlights the capability of its partner to meet Grade 0 automotive quality standards.

In order to satisfy the demands of automotive applications for more functionality and safety as well as compact and cost-optimized solutions, chip manufacturers like Infineon increasingly integrate digital logic into power semiconductors. Infineon boasts to be the first semiconductor manufacturer to offer an automotive-qualified embedded power technology in 130nm technology node that combines complex digital logic circuits, sensor interfaces and power electronics. The company's approach combines building blocks that are actually manufactured in three different production process technologies on a single chip, enabling higher integration and more functionality. Since fewer components are required in the application, also the vulnerability of automotive control systems to faults is reduced. SPT9 applications include intelligent control for small electric motors in vehicles, such as used for power window lifts, wipers, sun roofs, power seats and fan/blower control, oil and water pumps, to airbags, and audio amplifiers.