Universal charger connects plug-in hybrids globally to the grid - as long as it is a Porsche

May 03, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Porsche is implementing a universal charging solution in conjunction with its plug-in hybrid Panamera S E Hybrid which celebrated its world premiere at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show. This solution covers all aspects of electric driving - from charging accessories to installation of infrastructure.

System parameters such as the plug and electrical output types and grid voltages and frequency vary by country and region, which makes it difficult for drivers to use their vehicle abroad. From the perspective of carmakers, the connector jungle also complicates the export of plug-in hybrids. Porsche has now developed an integrated and comprehensive solution that covers all markets for its Panamera S E-Hybrid – a car intended to be available on all continents. In its e-mobility solution, the company has put together a package from which customers can choose what they need. At the core of this solution is the specially developed Porsche Universal Charger (AC) which is included as standard. It produces the connection between the vehicle's charging interface and many different types of electrical outlets which supply the car with AC electricity at home or on the road. Along with the charging equipment, the e-mobility concept also includes customised solutions for installing a charging infrastructure and conveniently operating vehicle charging and convenience functions via a smartphone app.

The system can be connected to a household electrical outlet that has at least 10A current fuse protection or to a multi-pole industrial electrical outlet. If such an infrastructure is unavailable, Porsche centres recommend hiring a TÜV Rheinland certified electrician who can check or set up the necessary connections anywhere in the world, the company says.