Vector, Baselabs join forces to develop ADAS tools

October 08, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
German software companies Vector Informatik and Baselabs have entered a formal partnership to jointly creating products enabling other companies to develop advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). To fortify the partnership, Vector invests heavily into Baselabs.

Within the partnership, Vector focuses on specific software tools directed at the development of ADAS and automated driving technologies. Baselabs concentrates on developing software for data fusion in multiple-sensor scenarios such as the processing of radar, lidar and camera signals. In addition, Baselab will leverage its expertise in sensor fusion algorithms to provide application support for the technologies to be developed by Vector.

Both companies announced the intention to cooperate closely with the goal of providing their customers a comprehensive and integrated set of development tools, algorithm libraries and consultation services. This will enable customers in the automotive industry to efficiently develop the next generations of ADAS and algorithms that control the highly automated driving schemes of the future.

To safeguard their long-term strategy, Vector spend an undisclosed amount of money by acquiring 49% of Baselab's ownership. The remaining % and remain in the hands of the Baselab founders Robin Schubert, Eric Richter, Norman Mattern and Holger Löbel.

Vector (Stuttgart) supplies a broad range of software tools for the development of automotive control units communicating via CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet or MOST data bus technologies. Baselabs, headquartered in Chemnitz, is developing sensor data fusion software - with a certain focus on multi-sensor environments. Processing and evaluating data generated within such scenarios is a major competence of modern Advanced driver assistance systems like intersection assistants with pedestrian detection and the like.

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