Vector joins Car-to-X camp

October 15, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive software design tool vendor Vector Informatik has signed the “Memorandum of Understanding on Deployment Strategy for cooperative ITS in Europe” which has been initiated by several automotive OEMs earlier this year. Staring in 2015, communication among vehicles and with the transportation infrastructure (Car2x communications) is expected to make traffic safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

Through the memorandum of understanding carmakers and suppliers expresses their intent to work as partners in harmonizing Car2x technology and in introducing cooperative intelligent transport systems (ITS) to the road. Vector's contribution so far is providing the CANoe.Car2x development and test tool. It supports both ECU developers and function developers in performing integration and calibration tests during system development. CANoe.Car2x also offers a comprehensive set of functions for systematic debugging.

Vector said it regards sees the introduction of Car2x technology as a basis for safer and more efficient transportation. This technology can be used to communicate information about hazards before drivers can visually detect them, e.g. warnings about construction zones, traffic jams or cross traffic. It also has the potential to improve driving convenience and promote the efficient flow of traffic, e.g. by incorporating the latest traffic information in on-board navigation systems. Finally, these and other mechanisms such as cooperative traffic lights (GLOSA – Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory) contribute towards reducing energy needs.

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