Vector tool supports upcoming CAN FD standard

March 17, 2015 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
CAN FD is expected to establish itself as the automotive data bus or the future, replacing at least in part entrenched standards like the traditional CAN bus and the FlexRay data bus. Taking this development into account, software tool vendor Vector announced that he is supporting the upcoming ISO11898-1:2015 ISO standard for both CAN and CAN FD in version 8.5 of its CANoe development, simulation and test tool and CANalyzer analysis tool.

In the new version 8.5 of these products, changes and extensions are supported which are specified for CAN FD in the new ISO standard. They primarily relate to the new CAN FD format, which has been supplemented by another protocol verification element, what is referred to as the "Stuff Count" in the CRC field.

Vector will also provide a significantly higher resolution for configuring bit timing than is required in the ISO specification. This permits very exact configuration of the sampling time point for a bit, in both the arbitration phase and data phase.

In terms of bus interfaces, all that CANoe and CANalyzer users will need is a new driver that supports the ISO standard; it will be available in the second quarter of 2015. Two driver implementations will be available: one for ISO and one for non-ISO applications; both will be supported by CANoe und CANalyzer 8.5.

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