Video amplifiers integrate short-to-battery protection and fault detection for automotive video applications

June 11, 2012 // By Paul Buckley
Analog Devices, Inc. has introduced a series of high-speed video amplifiers that integrate short-to-battery protection and fault detection for analog video systems in automotive safety and infotainment applications.

Housed in 3 mm x 3 mm packages, ADI’s new integrated video amplifiers reduce board space by at least 80 percent compared to fully discrete solutions and are ideal for space-constrained applications, such as rear-view cameras. The ADA4830-1 (single-channel) and ADA4830-2 (dual-channel) video difference amplifiers, and ADA4432-1 (single-ended output) and ADA4433-1 (differential output) analog video filter amplifiers, provide designers with a complete chipset for transporting analog video signals over shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables. The video amplifiers also can be used independently to provide receiver (ADA4830-1/2) and transmitter (ADA4432-1/33-1) functions as part of a video signal chain. All of these new amplifiers feature integrated short-to-battery protection up to 18 V, short-to-ground protection, fault detection, wide common-mode voltage ranges and robust ESD (electro-static discharge) performance.

The ADA4830-1 and ADA4830-2 high-speed video difference amplifiers are designed for use as receivers of CVBS (Composite Video Blanking and Synchronous) signals in standard-definition PAL/NTSC video applications. In addition to integrated short-to-battery (input) protection up to 18 V on a single 3-V to 5-V supply, the new difference amplifiers include a short-to-battery flag that indicates the presence of a fault condition at the input. The ADA4830-1 and ADA4830-2 also have excellent ESD tolerance to up +8-kV Human Body Model (HBM), a wide input common-mode voltage range that extends to -8.5 V below ground and 55-dB common mode rejection at 7-MHz.

The ADA4432-1 (single-ended output) and the ADA4433-1 (differential output) analog video filter amplifiers are designed as transmitters for automotive analog video filtering applications. They feature the same 18-V short-to-battery protection (output), fault flags and +8-kV HBM tolerance as the ADA4830. Additionally, ADI’s new video filter amplifiers feature continuous output short-to-ground protection and excellent video specifications. The ADA4432-1 and ADA4433-1 include a high-order video filter with a -3dB cutoff frequency at 10 MHz and 45-dB of rejection at 27 MHz.

Availability and Pricing

The ADA4830-1 is packaged in an 8-lead LFCSP 3 mm x 3 mm