Video signal splitter for in-vehicle cameras

June 17, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Jetter AG (Ludwigsburg, Germany) introduced a video signal for rear-view cameras in cars. The JXM-MUX bundles up to four video signals and offers the possibility to display one, two, three or four camera images at the same time on a monitor.

According to the vendor, the robust design of the JXM-MUX meets the requirements with respect to ambient temperature, shock, vibrations and electro-magnetic interference of in-vehicle environments. These features make the signal splitter suited for integration into cars; an application example would be rear-view camera signal capturing. All cameras with FBAS signal output and 12V power supply can be connected to the JXM-MUX. The device can be remote controlled through a CAN interface and CANopen protocol.

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