Virtual drive testing toolset features simulated network support

January 14, 2016 // By Julien Happich
Anite has introduced simulated network support to its Virtual Drive Testing Toolset (VDT Toolset), enabling users to cost-effectively benchmark mobile devices in a controlled laboratory environment.

VDT Toolset accelerates product rollouts and quality assurance testing by faithfully reproducing real network conditions in the laboratory. The solution offers the industry's most realistic RF and network simulations, which enables mobile operators and device manufacturers to perform a larger portion of device testing in the laboratory compared to in the field. This approach leads to significant cost-savings in both the development and deployment phases.

The virtual drive test solution uses network signalling and RF propagation log data, captured in the field using drive test tools, to recreate a realistic mobile device performance testing environment in the laboratory. It leverages a wide range of Anite IP and products including the Propsim F32 Channel Emulator to create a highly innovative field-to-lab solution for cost-effective benchmarking of mobile devices.

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