Visteon embraces Coqos for open infotainment environments

March 12, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Automotive cockpit system supplier Visteon Electronics will integrate the Coqos software framework into its OpenAir infotainment environment. This brings Visteon one step closer to an integrated domain platform for both infotainment and safety-relevant functions.

Coqos, developed by software provider OpenSynergy, enables developers to run safety-critical and non-safety-critical functions on the same infotainment hardware. The purpose of the collaboration between Visteon Electronics and OpenSynergy is creating joint in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) solutions that connect to other vehicle domains. In a first joint project, the companies integrated Coqos into Visteon's current OpenAir platform 1.2. Thus, OpenAir gets a virtualising layer that creates a virtual environment where multiple operating systems can run in separate partitions on a single hardware platform.

The virtual environment created through the collaboration allows carmakers to run Linux and Android based infotainment functions in parallel with Autosar-compliant software and make sure that these applications are completely separated even if one of these applications crashes. This strict separation between the worlds of Autosar which frequently contains safety-critical functions and IVI is necessary to make sure a malfunction or misbehaviour of one domain does not affect the other one.

The environment also features a fast-boot capability to ensure immediate availability of driver-oriented information systems.

Coqos is based on the microkernel of PikeOS from software manufacturer Sysgo. PikeOS provides a virtual runtime environment certified to high safety standards.

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