VW's next-gen infotainment system can access Smart Home

July 06, 2016 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Volkswagen and LG Electronics have announced to jointly develop a next-generation services platform for the connected car. The platform will provide seamless access to innovative cloud-based services such as those related to Smart Homes or location-based information offerings.

Within the years ahead, the companies will focus on developing technologies that combine the functionality of the Connected Car and the Smart Home, enabling drivers to access and monitor intelligent devices such as lighting, security systems and home appliances from their cars. A context-sensitive notification center will deliver messages in an intuitive and safe manner and provide recommendations in real-time. In this context, the developers will have to adhere to the aspect of avoiding driver distraction. Also on the to-do list of the developers is innovative technology for the next generation of in-car infotainment systems. These systems will take into account the connectivity features of the vehicles.


Both parties signed a memorandum of understanding that describes the development goals on Wednesday, adding another project to their long-standing collaboration. As recently as March, Volkswagen subsidiary Italdesign Guigiaro showcased its GEA vehicles study to which LG provided seven key components including a holographic display, a connected smart watch, rear lights and back-up camera. At the CES in January, both partners showed a Smart Home system that could be controlled via the internet from any location.  


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