Watchdog software makes vehicle road tests safer

May 16, 2013 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Mechatronics development tool vendor dSpace has added a multi-level watchdog mechanism to its MicroAutoBox II prototyping system. Featuring a configurable timeout behaviour, the runtime monitoring capabilities of this system enables higher safety for prototype vehicle tests since it can be programmed to instantly react on critical situations with an appropriate, user defined action.

The system watchdog is implemented in an FPGA and is independent of the MicroAutoBox II microprocessor. At the same time, configurable software watchdogs enable montoring of software tasks within the user model. Case the user software generates a time-out signal at the system watchdog, the preconfigured behaviour becomes activated. Examples for timeout behaviors are data saving, setting of defined output signals, or a system restart.

The new watchdog mechanism for the MicroAutoBoxII is available with the dSpace software release 2013-A.

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