What auto electronics engineers found most interesting: Top ten articles in 2011

December 15, 2011 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
The year 2011 comes to an end - time to look back to what was interesting and important this year. EE Times Europe Automotive presents the top ten articles - the news pieces, interviews, how-to articles and product presentations that had the highest page views.

Surprisingly, the article which leads the field was regarded as an outsider topic by the editor, since it is not overly specific to the automotive market. But perhaps this exactly was its strenght. The winner is...

Interoperability is paramount for software tools

The second article is also a surprise - in that it was part two of a two-part article and experience shows that the second part rarely is as successful as the first one. In this case, it was the opposite. The article dealed about active cell balancing for Lithium-ion batteries - obviously a very relevant topic.

Large Li-ion battery packs: Active balancing improves many parameters – part 2

Number three was a news piece - and one of the reasons the article found so many readers was that almost no-one else had it despite its high relevancy for future automotive electronics. And the reason why eeNews Europe was among the very few that addressed this topic was that the OEMs in question did not actively promote the message. It was, unusual enough, a group of several high-ranging engineering managers that went to the public - or better to the semi-public because it was announced on a congress almost exclusively visited by automotive electronics engineers. And by eeNews Europe, of course.

German carmakers agree on 48V on-board supply, charging plug

Next ranks again an article that is not overly automotive-specific. But EMC is a topic that generates interest across the entire electronics industry. Though it might be partiucularly challenging for automotive electronics.  

EMC – Synonym for Exasperating, Magic, Confusing? - Part I

Number five confirms the relevancy of the EMC - it is part two of the two-part story placed number four.

EMC – Synonym for Exasperating, Magic, Confusing? – Part 2

Number six: Again, a how-to story dealing with ways to achieve better reliability and resilience in automotive electronics. Actually, it is really reassuring that our engineers dig