What EV charging technologies to watch for in 2014

February 11, 2014 // By Paul Buckley
In this the second part of the series we consider the key trends in power management that will drive the market forward in 2014.  This time we focus on electronic vehicles (EV) market.

How smooth is the road ahead for EV charging?

The global market for hybrid and battery powered electric vehicles is finally starting to get a roll on. 2014 looks like being a watershed year for electric vehicles with more than 2.2 million electric drive motors forecast to be hitting roads worldwide.

The coming year will see carmakers begin to move into multiple adjacent markets, which include tapping into plug-in EVs' inherent connectivity to offer information and entertainment options.  Many carmakers are also planning to run their own car sharing services. Vehicle-to-grid pilot projects will also start to begin generating revenue.

In 2014 several carmakers plan to deliver concept and production-ready electric vehicles with larger batteries featuring capacities of up to 40 kWh that will extend driving ranges to 240 km and beyond. A battery pricing war is building in intensity. LG Chem, which supplies the batteries to the Chevrolet Volt, and Panasonic (Tesla) and Samsung SDI (BMW i3) are starting to compete more intensively which is expected to see battery price reductions that will enable OEMs to equip the vehicles with larger batteries and extend their mileage range.

Production electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) is forecast to rise steeply by market intelligence analyst IHS who reckons that, driven by tighter emission standards, the production of (H)EVs will soar by 67 percent in 2014 compared with 2013. The majority of the growth will go to HEVs and IHS is predicting a global production volume of 403 000 in 2014, up from 242 000. At least 40% of the production volume will come from Europe.

German carmakers look like driving the market forward. BMW has led the way with the company’s i3 electric vehicle but during 2014 Volkswagen will unleash its e-up! vehicle and Daimler plans to introduce its B-Class Electric. Audi will also be offering up the company’s A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid. Mercedes is also planning to introduce