Wireless charging reference design targets smartphones in cars

August 27, 2014 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Chipmakers Freescale and Melexis have jointly developed a reference design for wireless charging of in-vehicle consumer electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets. The reference design combines both Bluetooth communications technology and Qi-certified transmit control along with associated control logics.

The WCT-5WTXAUTO reference design meets the stringent EMC and EMI protection guidelines required for automotive-related electronics. Main components of the product are Melexis' MLX90132 NFC transceiver chip and Freescale's MWCT1003AVLH microcontroller. In addition, it contains all necessary hardware as well as the associated software drivers required to implement the autonomous function of the wireless charging subsystem. The function is ensured at the hardware side through a careful antenna design and on the software side through a specific control interface. It can work either completely autonomously or under control of an NFC software stack. Such a software stack is available, for example by manufacturer Stollmann.

Besides automotive environments, the reference also targets a number of other markets where mobile phones are utilised to implement a combination of secure identification and payment with battery charging. Examples are information kiosks in waiting areas, restaurants and wireless docking stations.

For more information about the reference design visit www.melexis.com/NFCWirelessChargingRefDesign