Wolf in sheep’s clothing? - Arduino-format shield goes multicore with Aurix

November 28, 2016 // By Graham Prophet
A posting on distributor RS’ DesignSpark forum highlights the ShieldBuddy TC275, an Arduino compatible shield that – rather than the smaller microcontrollers that normally inhabit the format – hosts an Infineon Aurix TC275 (TriCore) multi-core processor.

The board, made by Hitex, is listed by RS for around €110/£80 ( here). The blog entry notes that, “[while] the connector arrangement is the same and it works with the Arduino IDE... the processor is running at 200 MHz and hidden inside the LQFP package there are in fact three of them, along with 4 MB of FLASH, 128 kb of data flash and 500 k of RAM.”


The Aurix architecture will already be familiar to many designers, especially if working in the automotive area; this posting gives some ideas of how it can be used to either yield much more processing power than would normally be expected of an Arduino shield; or to act as a first introduction to multi-core programming; or, indeed, both.


RS Online/DesignSpark; www.rs-online.com/designspark/bringing-multicore-to-the-arduino-world-with-shieldbuddy-tc275