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June 12, 2014 //By Bernd Stein, Infineon
Active antenna driver for car infotainment systems
The days of simple car radios using large telescope antennas are over. Nowadays cars are equipped with full featured infotainment or multimedia systems. While the AM/FM radio is still a part of the system, features like digital audio broadcasting (DAB), HDTV, satellite radio, integrated cell phones, CD/DVD/MP3 players, GPS navigation or video game systems are added.
typical 1.19 V in an error amplifier. It controls the output voltage.

Current and Protection Monitor

The TLF4277-2 provides a set of advanced monitor functionality (figure 3). The current flowing out of the power stage can be monitored at the CSO output. In addition the current limitation can be adjusted via external resistor. Events of the implemented protection functions are reported through dedicated voltage levels at the CSO output.

Fig. 3: Block diagram of the integrated current and protection monitor

This information can be processed by an external microcontroller for system analysis and failure identification. The monitored events are over-current, overvoltage, and temperature shutdown. In addition all three fault conditions are routed also to the digital output pin ST.


The new voltage regulator is automotive certified according to AECQ100. In addition the TLF4277-2 is a green product, compliant to the RoHS and WEE standards. It comes in a PG-SSOP-14 EP package which provides an enhanced thermal performance within a SO-8 body size. The single chip solution is ideal for active antenna supply, providing improved performance and reliability at less system costs. Besides the power supply of active antennas for AM/FM, DAB, GPS or satellite applications the TLF4277-2 may be also used in microphones for hands free car kits, ATV camera systems , various industrial applications or LNA systems (Digital TV, AM FM, etc.). Detailed information about the new active antenna driver is available at: .

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