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May 24, 2013 //By DeJiu Chen, KTH; Lei Feng, Volvo; Henrik Lönn, Volvo; Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, MetaCase
Advances in Automotive System Modeling: EAST-ADL (Part 2)
For decades developers of automotive embedded systems have enjoyed the benefits of modeling. Models have not only served communication and gaining better understanding but are also used to prototype, analyze, simulate and test the developed systems. With dedicated generators it has also been possible to produce production-quality software code from the models. Typical cases of code generation are various control-engineering solutions and infotainment systems with HMI’s.
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Mapping to existing software architectures and implementation

In the automotive domain, AUTOSAR is typically used for defining the software architecture, and various behavioural modelling tools are used to generate the code. EAST-ADL provides an ontology for models, separating system implementation from design, but does not replace the tools and notations related to the software architecture. Software components, runnables and frames on implementation level are realizations of functions and connectors on design level. Models describing the implementation can be planned and managed based on the holistic view of the vehicle provided by EAST-ADL. It is also possible to synthesize implementation elements based on the design level model. Consider the example of regenerative breaking in Figure 16: Modeling tool provides options to choose which functions are excluded from AUTOSAR-based implementation. Here local device manager BrakeRR is marked not be based on AUTOSAR and exclusion is also shown in the diagram. Such modeling capabilities are important because in practice different platforms need to live together. The mapping to AUTOSAR and other platforms can be supported in tools by providing more detailed options on how mapping to software architectures should be made as well as reporting on any missing information on making successful platform generation.

Figure 17. Choosing functions to be mapped to AUTOSAR from EAST-ADL models in MetaEdit+. For full resolution click here .


Looking from the V model, EAST-ADL is used to organize the engineering information and provide relations among elements from the early phase to implementation. It is an integrated information model for requirements and variants, features, functional architecture and hardware architecture. Timing, dependability and other non-functional annotations cater for full multi-aspect modelling and analysis. Because early phase models are supported, verification and validation can be done already on the abstract solution. We demonstrated the use of SPIN for behavioural analysis as well as generation of AUTOSAR models. Similar other integration links are implemented into MetaEdit+

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