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April 07, 2011 //By Ralf Koedel, Alexander Schmidt
Brushless DC motor control in just one day
Electric motor drives are being used increasingly for water, oil and petrol pumps, fans and air conditioning systems in automotive applications. In conjunction with powerful control algorithms running on optimised microcontrollers, BLDC motors offer very efficient solutions. For brushless motors, various control schemes, including field oriented control (FOC), are available. The article explains how to implement of a complete motor control in just one day.
six N-channel MOSFETs. Besides the complete driver stages, the new driver IC also includes advanced additional and protective functions, which reduce the amount of external circuits required to an absolute minimum.

Fig. 1: The new automotive BLDC motor drive kit from Infineon contains everything that is required for the quick and simple realisation of an efficient motor control for automotive applications. For full resolution, click here

The kit includes:

-       TLE 7184F power board (12 V...24 V/20 A)

-       BLDC/PMSM motor

-       AC/DC power supply (12 V/2 A)

-       Driver card with the XC886

-       Driver card with the XC2236N

-       USB drive monitor

-       CD-ROM with software and documentation

-       Cables and connectors for connection to the customer-specific motor

The application circuit is composed of the driver cards with either the XC886 or XC2238N and a 3-phase inverter, which is equipped with the Infineon N-channel MOSFETs and voltage controllers designed for automotive electronics, in addition to the BLDC motor (Fig. 2). The interface between the microcontroller and the power stage is realised with a TLE7184F bridge driver. The new IC from the 3-phase bridge driver family from Infineon can drive up to six external N-channel MOSFETs. Further extensive functions such as e.g. configurable dead time and short-circuit threshold values, in addition to diagnostic and protective functions provide helpful features and significantly reduce the amount of external devices required. What is more, they also ensure a high level of system reliability.

Fig. 2: Block diagram of the application circuit with the driver cards, the inverter with the TLE7184F bridge driver and the motor. For full resolution click here.

To protect the system against polarity reversal, a further P-channel MOSFET, the IPD90P03, has been integrated. Both the supplied BLDC motor and customer-specific motors from 12 V to 24 V (up to 20 A) can be driven by this without any problems.

The kit also includes a complete software package

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