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July 26, 2013 //By Yury Asheshov, K2L
Building a MOST infotainment system in a heterogeneous networking environment
The rapid progress of consumer electronics forces car manufacturers to reduce Time-to-Market (TTM) when creating a new infotainment system or implementing new features in existing systems. The growing value of software in the automotive industry and the complexity of modern systems both increase the importance of the software development process.
of the instance of the service class that implements this WCF interface. This instance can be a client proxy that accesses the service hosted outside the MOST network. It can also be a service implementation available in MOST, as well as on the Internet or in a local area network, for example, over HTTP.

The client or service can be implemented on other platforms. The tool svcutil.exe (part of Windows SDK) can be used to generate the WSDL file from the .NET interface. The WSDL file serves as an input for other tool chains to implement services or to generate client code for other programming languages or platforms such as C++, JavaScript, and so on.

This approach shows that MOST, as the dedicated technology for infotainment networking, already contains the elements that are suited for communication with the services deployed on the Internet. The solid methodology (top-down) used to build a MOST based infotainment system is close to the development process of enterprise Web services. An integration of the best parts of these technologies opens up new and interesting opportunities for MOST applications.

About the Author:

Yury Asheshov is Principal Software Engineer at K2L in Karlsruhe, Germany. He can be reached under


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Article previously published in Elektronik automotive, MOST Special Edition, April 2013,

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