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December 13, 2013 // By Nishant Sood
Connect MCU to car's OBD-II
Onboard diagnostic systems (OBDs) are found in almost every car these days, providing a very rich set of information about parameters like coolant temperature, RPM, and the like. The information about all these parameters lets us define the state of the vehicle by diagnosing each and every aspect. Here's a guide to getting started with OBD development using your chosen MCU.

on position, not necessarily starting the engine. Getting the engine started is needed to get certain parameters, however, like RPM.

2) If your system is connected to the OBD while you are cranking the starter, you may see some sharp voltage spikes. Some circuits, like the SparkFun's OBD-II UART, are able to cope up with these spikes. In my experience, although the voltage regulator IC heats up, the device hasn't shown any sort of malfunctioning.

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