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September 04, 2014 //By Bruno José Gonçalves Pinto, Pierre Sigrist
The connected Cockpit - a step towards autonomous driving
Collaborative innovation – or co-innovation – within an ecosystem of diverse partners is fast becoming a prevalent source of innovation in the automotive industry. It allows vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to experiment with new forms of relationships and to explore new innovations that ultimately evolve current vehicle technology.
reality – a camera fixed on the front of the vehicle filming ahead - as well as providing a reassurance HMI that plots routes, calculates optimum driving positions and alerts the driver to possible hazards. The screen comprises a full-colour 1.8" diagonal TFT, 480x240 dots RGB and a combiner designed by Renault in conjunction with Visteon.

The Cluster incorporates a 12.3" TFT, with a 1920x720 dots RGB resolution with Normally Black technology improving the contrast ratio and quality, with a maximum luminance output of 600 cd/m².

The vehicle's infotainment system includes a 10.4" XGA screen a Normally White display, 1024x768 dots RGB, with a maximum luminance of 1000 cd/m².

The in-car open source multimedia platform is compatible with all smartphone operating systems, including Android, iOS7 and Windows 8, and drivers and passengers can access all connected services available on the Cloud. Various technologies enable the users to access features through integrated infra-red gesture recognition, voice and touch systems.

The technology provided avoids the vehicle's user experience becoming obsolete as software updates downloaded from home computers and transferred through USB keys offer a quick and simple method of keeping the operating system up-to-date. To protect the vehicle's functionality, a Watchdog mechanism caters for process crashes, which are immediately detected and restarted, maintaining a stable level of service.

The connected cockpit solution for the NEXT TWO incorporates innovative technologies that represent a real step towards mobility of the future as well as enhanced safety. The combination of autonomous driving features and connectivity offers to free up time for the driver – time that can be used to be productive or for leisure by tapping into the benefits of the in-car services offered by the vehicle's connected technology.

About the authors:

Bruno José Gonçalves Pinto is Technical Sales Manager at Visteon

Pierre Sigrist is Software Manager at Visteon

For a demonstration of the connected cockpit, please view the following video:

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