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July 29, 2011 //By Jochen Neuffer, Vector Informatik
Data logging without gaps
In order to simulate real situations for the communication networks in a vehicle it is necessary to perform extensive test drives in a real environment. Large amounts of data need to be acquired, recorded and, afterwards, accessed. Here is how this can be achieved.
configuration in the Vector Logger Configurator. For full resolution click here .




Currently, there are many different data loggers on the market. However, only fleet loggers are suitable for the harsh operating conditions in the automotive field. Loggers should offer a wide range of features that covers the majority of requirements for today's vehicles during test drives. They include a large number of CAN, LIN and FlexRay channels, short start-up times and I/O ports on the logger. UMTS, WLAN, USB and Ethernet offer the necessary flexibility to configure the loggers and transfer the logged data. Fleet data loggers from Vector, with their extended temperature range and durable packaging, equip the test engineer with devices ideally suited for use under extreme environmental conditions.





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