Easy WiFi access with WiPass - an eeNews video report

January 28, 2020 // By Wisse Hettinga

It is the first question when you arrive in a hotel, a restaurant or an Airbnb - what is the access point and the password? And with a difficult password it might take a few times for you actual have access to the internet. Getting on the internet in a public place is now super easy with WiPass - just hold your smartphone close to the WiPass device and it will give you a connection. WiPass doesn’t need batteries or wires, it receives power directly from the smartphone. In this report eeNews is catching up with Mariam Ayadi, CEO and Founder of WiPass. The interview was conducted at the IQS Tech Fest in Barcelona ( https://iqstechfest.com). More information about the WiPassat www.wipass.es

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