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April 20, 2011 //By Richard McLaughlin, Chris Quigley
Essential Tools for the CAN/LIN ECU Development Process
With the increasing use of in-vehicle networks, the development of the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) must not only consider software requirement, but also the implementation of the embedded software via a data bus such as CAN or LIN. This paper presents some tools that will help with the best practice development process of an ECU with CAN and/or LIN communications. The use of such tools will result in a reduction in development time and human errors and therefore reduce project costs.
used to generate the network communications stack. This tool outputs a file to the C-code Generator, where source code is generated and can then be compiled by a standard C compiler which generates a hex file for the target microcontroller. From there, the hex file is sent to the CANFlash tool that enables download of the new embedded program to the ECU via the CAN bus. This allows ECU programming without removing the ECU from the vehicle.

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