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March 31, 2014 // By James McKenna, Honeywell Sensing and Control
Hall-effect rotary-position sensors in transport and heavy industrial applications
<p>There are a wide range of components, switches and sensors found inside most motorised vehicles that are used for personal transportation or for heavy industry. Designed to measure, monitor and provide feedback, Hall-effect rotary-position sensors can be used in a variety of transport applications such as cars, trucks, buses and boats as well as in a wide range of industrial applications. </p>

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Industrial Applications and Valve Position Sensing

The control of process valves is vital in a wide range of industrial applications. Oil fields, nuclear power plants, food processing plants and beverage manufacturers require that valves accurately monitor positions. Hall-effect rotary-position sensors are used to monitor position in large and small valves to help ensure that the valve is closed or if it’s open, how open.

HVAC Damper Control

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems use rotary position sensors for damper control. On a cold day, an open damper may feed cold air into a room, causing the HVAC system to engage heat. An open damper may feed air into a room that has open windows, reducing the system’s efficiency and increasing heating and cooling costs. Effective use of Hall-effect rotary-position sensors, in conjunction with temperature sensors, allows the building manager to better control the HVAC system and reduce operating costs.

Designers want the best - Honeywell Hall-effect rotary-position sensors offer designers efficient and cost effective solutions in a wide range of transport and industrial sectors.

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James McKenna is Product Director, Honeywell Sensing and Control EMEA.

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