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March 28, 2012 // By Alison Steer, Linear Technology Corp.
High voltage surge stoppers ensure reliable operation during power surges
In automotive, industrial and avionic applications, high voltage power supply spikes with durations ranging from a few microseconds to hundreds of milliseconds are commonly encountered. The electronics within these systems must not only survive transient voltage spikes, but in many cases also operate reliably throughout the event. Recent surge stopper designs help to maintain these devices in the safe zone.

The LT4363 and LTC4366 share some common features. A list of the features offered by these devices and their respective benefits are described here:

Wide Operating Range:              

  • The LT4363 offers a wide operating range (4V to 80V), offering continuous operation under cold crank conditions where the battery voltage can be as low as 4V. The LT4363 can also be used as a wide operating range Hot Swap™ controller. The device can withstand overvoltage transients greater than 100V if a TVS diode and resistor are used to protect the device from exceeding its 100V abs max rating.

  • The LTC4366 operating range extends from 9V to >500V, enabling extremely high voltage operation using a floating topology. The operational upper voltage is limited only by the availability of high valued resistors and MOSFET ratings. While the LTC4366 cannot be used for cold crank applications, there are many automotive systems that do not need to be operational during ignition (Infotainment, GPS).

Well Regulated Overvoltage Protection

  • Protects valuable, safety critical electronics downstream from the device. The adjustable well-regulated output clamp voltage provides flexibility to control the clamped voltage level at the output while riding out the transient. For low voltage applications, this eliminates the need for high voltage rated components downstream, thus saving costs. The LT4363 also offers OV and UV comparator inputs which inhibit auto-retry if the input voltage is outside the range of these adjustable thresholds. Both the LT4363 and LTC4366 offer long cooldown periods between auto-retry. This helps reduce the power dissipated in the external pass FET during faults.

Adjustable Fault Timer

  • LT4363/LTC4366 offer an adjustable fault timer which limits power dissipation on the pass FET. During a fault condition the LT4363/LTC4366 uses a current source to charge the capacitor on the TIMER pin. This allows the flexibility to use lower rated SOA MOSFETs. No competitive overvoltage products offer an adjustable timer.

Fault Output Indicator

  • The LT4363 offers a fault output to
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