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May 01, 2014 //By Torsten Posch, Continental AG
Hypervisor separates software worlds in the dashboard
Hypervisor technology offers a new integration path for the vehicle interior domain. One of the biggest benefits down that alley is a better way to meet the need for a consistent, holistic human machine interface in the car while maintaining safe and secure real-time systems in a heterogeneous software environment.
situation, the HMI is constantly adapted to the driver workload and condition.

Fig.4: A holistic HMI makes flexible use of the available displays to tailor the amount and selection of information to the driver’s needs. For higher resolution click here .

This cannot be done with a static HMI that allocates one display to one function. The list of potential problems with a static HMI architecture includes such details as the question where a particular image should be rendered if it is to be shown on different displays in different situations. Another major benefit of a holistic HMI is a consistent look and feel of all functions and systems. It is a lot easier for a driver to control a multitude of functions, if the principles of making an entry and confirming a choice are always the same.


With the prospect of automated driving there is yet another rationale for a holistic HMI based on higher domain integration: It makes a big difference whether a driver immediately controls all vehicle functions or whether that driver is responsible for monitoring an ADAS function which controls longitudinal and lateral dynamics. The role change between these two types of workload also changes the scope of information a driver needs for the instantaneous task. Again, this evolution of driving puts new challenges to the HMI. Assuming that a car is capable of highly or fully automated driving, for instance, the HMI should support the driver in two phases in particular:

  • One is the transition between actively driving and just monitoring during a phase of automated driving. It will be highly beneficial if a driver intuitively grasps what is expected of her or of him to do when a phase of automated driving comes to an end and the driver needs to take over the immediate control of the vehicle again.
  • Two is the phase of automated driving itself. While the vehicle navigates automatically,
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