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May 01, 2014 //By Torsten Posch, Continental AG
Hypervisor separates software worlds in the dashboard
Hypervisor technology offers a new integration path for the vehicle interior domain. One of the biggest benefits down that alley is a better way to meet the need for a consistent, holistic human machine interface in the car while maintaining safe and secure real-time systems in a heterogeneous software environment.
  • the available displays could be used to show any relevant contents, as long as the holistic system architecture ensures that entertainment or office contents gets overridden immediately, if the driver’s attention is required.

Higher integration in the vehicle interior domain can help to avoid a costly ECU proliferation. At the same time an interior integration “box” with shared hardware opens up highly beneficial possibilities for changing from a static HMI to a future proof holistic HMI which offers optimum driver support in all driving situations.

About the author:

Torsten Posch is Head of Software Technology Centre, Interior Electronics Solutions at Continental AG.

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