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October 12, 2012 // By Alexander Leonhardi, Uwe Walter, Rico Hauke, Marco Maniscalco
IP architecture of a MOST150 based infotainment system
Internet access has become an essential feature of modern vehicle infotainment systems. Today, it is the prerequisite to provide the user with up-to-date online information and services. In the case of a high-end distributed infotainment system - which consists of, for example, a head unit (HU), a rear-seat entertainment unit and a TV tuner - the communication is largely based on the Internet Protocol (IP), whose mechanisms have to be coordinated accordingly.

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About the authors:

Dr. Alexander Leonhardi is responsible for the system architecture of infotainment systems in the series development Electrical/Electronic Telematics at Daimler AG. He represents Daimler AG in the MOST Cooperation Technical Coordination Committee. He can be reached under Alexander.leonhardi@daimler.com.

Dr. Uwe Walter works in the development Electrical/Electronics unit at Daimler AG on the IP architecture of infotainment systems. uwe.walter@daimler.com.

Rico Hauke is responsible for networking architecture of infotainment systems for the C-Class and E-Class vehicles at Daimler AG. He represents the Daimler AG in the MOST Device Architecture working group. rico.hauke@daimler.com

Marco Maniscalco marco.maniscalco@daimler.com

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