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June 05, 2013 // By Günter Dannhäuser, Dr. Walter Franz, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rosenstiel
MOST and AVB: Two Candidates for Next-Gen Automotive Infotainment Networks
MOST150 is the prevalent networking technology for the coming years in automotive infotainment. Although MOST150 is only at the beginning of mass deployment, pre-development of the next generation has already started. With IEEE802.1 AVB, another concept has entered the discussion about the successor to MOST150. AVB needs to be considered, appropriately evaluated and compared with current and evolving MOST concepts.

both, and hence the premise for interoperation. Establishing a cross-system time base reference, therefore, is a key topic to build on for a gateway scenario. Another idea is to investigate possibilities to use or enhance the Ethernet channel of MOST to transparently support AVB. Finally, incorporating the steps mentioned before, our target scenario is cross-system, synchronized video-streaming, integrating wireless CE.


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Günter Dannhäuser
works as scientific employee in car pre-development on telematics and infotainment networks at Daimler AG in Ulm. He represents the Daimler AG in the MOST multimedia streaming working group.

Dr. Walter Franz
leads the team Telematic Networks at Daimler AG car pre-development in Ulm. He represents the Daimler AG in the MOST Cooperation Steering Committee.

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rosenstiel
is professor of the Wilhelm Schickard Institute at the University of Tuebingen and director at the FZI (Forschungszentrum Informatik) in Karlsruhe (Germany).

Article previously published in Elektronik automotive, MOST Special Edition, April 2013,

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