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January 31, 2013 //By Michael Pechloff, EPCOS
Packaged for tough automotive requirements
As telematics applications are becoming standard features in cars and trucks, the demand is growing for robust RF components qualified to AEC-Q200. With a footprint as small as only 1.4 mm by 1.1 mm EPCOS SAW filters are designed with a chip-sized SAW package (CSSP) to meet the requirements of the automotive industry.
of the automotive industry on SAW filters

High demands on robustness

The humidity test (85 °C/85 % relative humidity, 1000 h), the rapid temperature cycling test (1000 cycles −40 to +85 or +125 °C) and the operating temperatures of up to 125 °C stipulated by the AEC-Q200 standard represent a particular challenge for the reliability of the components. In order to meet this challenge, the design of these SAW filters had to be specially adapted to meet these demands. This is their key difference from SAW filters that are not qualified to AEC-Q200.

Availability for many years

EPCOS SAW filters for automotive electronics are distinguished by the fact they remain available for a very long time. This corresponds to the long product cycles of the applications in which these filters are used, thus satisfying the rigorous requirements of the automotive industry. SAW filters are adapted to the electrical requirements of the widely used ICs. Customized AEC-Q200-qualified EPCOS SAW filters are thus available that facilitate the design work of customers on their products.

Extensive range for satellite-based navigation systems

Up to now, satellite-based navigation systems were used principally to determine locations, such as in vehicle fleet management or tracking systems as well as acting as pilots for specific destinations. A wide range of AEC-Q200-qualified SAW filter components (single and diplexer) for satellite-based navigation systems using GPS, Galileo and Glonass is now available from EPCOS. Their package sizes range from 3.0 × 3.0 mm2 to 1.4 × 1.1 mm2, and various center frequencies, insertion attenuations and useful bandwidths are offered. EPCOS will naturally also develop suitable filters for the Chinese satellite navigation system COMPASS. Table 1 shows a selection from the current product range.


Table 1: AEC-Q200-qualified EPCOS SAW filters for satellite-based navigation. For full resolution click here .

All listed filters and diplexers have unbalanced inputs and outputs of 50 Ω. Many filters are also available in versions with unbalanced

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