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January 31, 2013 //By Michael Pechloff, EPCOS
Packaged for tough automotive requirements
As telematics applications are becoming standard features in cars and trucks, the demand is growing for robust RF components qualified to AEC-Q200. With a footprint as small as only 1.4 mm by 1.1 mm EPCOS SAW filters are designed with a chip-sized SAW package (CSSP) to meet the requirements of the automotive industry.
the 2.4 GHz frequency range are used for Internet access in cars. Some of them receive mobile phone signals via their external antenna and convert them into WLAN frequencies. This allows passengers to use the Internet with high reliability. WLAN antennas are also used in the external antennas to permit Internet access in hot spots. The B3912 SAW filter (fc=2448.5 MHz) from EPCOS for applications in automotive electronics was developed specifically for WLAN frequencies (Figure 2).


Figure 2: Attenuation curve of the EPCOS B3912 filter

Another application sector for WLAN will be car-to-X communications: either car-to-car communications that permit networking between vehicles, or car-to-infrastructure communications that set up links between vehicles and systems such as traffic lights. These systems will probably operate in the 5.9 GHz frequency range and will also control the traffic flow at crossings more effectively and thus avoid accidents. Ongoing field trials by the automotive industry will show whether this frequency is suitable or whether its range is too short. A system of this kind called the Intelligent Traffic System (ITS) is currently being set up in Japan: it operates with a frequency of around 760 MHz and is designed to control the efficiency of traffic flows.

In future, duplexers to AEC-Q200 too

Intensive work is also taking place on duplexers qualified to AEC-Q200 for various mobile phone frequencies in package size 2.0 × 1.6 mm2. They are expected to be available as engineering samples in mid-2012.

The EPCOS product range for these applications will be continuously expanded in order to meet the requirements of both customers and IC manufacturers.

About the author:   Michael Pechloff is Manager Product Marketing Automotive Electronics Systems, Acoustics, Waves Business Group for EPCOS AG. EPCOS is a Member of TDK Corporation.


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