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January 20, 2016 //By Sivaguru Noopuran, Cypress Semiconductor
Proximity Gesture Applications In Automotive HMI
In this article Cypress Semiconductor look at the use of capacitive proximity sensors in automotive applications. These sensors can be used for simple actions such as keyless entry or turning on cabin lights and sensing an individual in the vehicle. However in this article Cypress focus on how you can now use them as inputs into systems such as media players and navigation systems with vehicles by using the same principles.
rotations can be counted from the sensor excitation order.

The circle gesture is similar to the action of ‘turning a knob’. This can be associated with commands like volume up and down for the music player menu or zoom in and zoom out for browsing maps.

In this article, we have discussed the detection of simple proximity hand gestures using capacitive proximity sensors. Using these same principles, we can build more complex gestures which may involve using both hands to draw a pattern in air. The success of detection of such gestures, however, still depends on how good a sensor pattern we choose. It is important to choose a suitable pattern which allows for tolerance in hand movements while drawing gestures and yet have a clear distinction in the order in which the sensors are triggered.

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Sivaguru Noopuran ( is a Senior Product Marketing Engineer for automotive products at Cypress Semiconductor Corp., with more than seven years of experience. His primary interests include user interface solutions and product management.

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