Reducing traffic and pollution, making happier citizens and more cost-efficient cities: Page 2 of 3

June 09, 2013 //By Ross Yu
Reducing traffic and pollution, making happier citizens and more cost-efficient cities
Ross Yu, Product Marketing Manager, Dust Networks Product Group, Linear Technology Corporation explains how ultralow power sensor nodes combined with a wireless mesh network can offer a novel municipal metered parking solution.
then, must be highly resilient and reliable. Lastly, the solution must be easy to deploy, easy to scale up, and simple to configure, not requiring specialized technicians.

Streetline Networks selected Dust Networks SmartMesh wireless mesh network for its long battery life, intelligent Network Manager and robust scalability. Their communications system is comprised of Dust Networks’ wireless nodes and network managers.

“The Dust Networks SmartMesh network provides the resiliency and reliability necessary for the uniquely demanding urban environment of city streets,” said Mark Noworolski, Chief Technology Officer at Streetline Networks. “The SmartMesh products have proven to be a very compelling alternative to building your own hardware and software stack, allowing us to concentrate on building innovative solutions for Smart Cities,”

The SmartMesh product line includes IEEE 802.15.4 motes-on-chip, mote modules and network managers. Field-proven and robust even in the harshest environments, the SmartMesh product line is a full mesh networking solution. It utilizes a time synchronized mesh protocol to deliver networking resilience, reliability, and scalability, while providing advanced network management and comprehensive security features. Dust Networks ultralow power technology allows network nodes to run for years on two AA batteries.

The SmartMesh intelligent Network Manager provides advanced, built-in technology to create an auto-forming, self-healing, multihop, mesh network that is scalable to large, dense, deep networks. It further maximizes battery efficiency and time-to-first-maintenance through load balancing and optimization. The Network Manager also ensures that nodes are simple to deploy and do not require specialized technicians. All network configuration and management can be handled remotely using the Network Manager.

Streetline’s Smart Parking Solution integrated Dust Networks SmartMesh products into their surface-mounted and embedded sensors which contain an array of sensing components and logic to manage the collection of data at the individual parking space. SmartMesh’s proven, advanced RF resiliency allows Streetline to reliably transmit street-level data in real time to their web-based suite of parking management applications. These applications can

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