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April 16, 2015 //By Oliver Jesorsky, Elektrobit
Routing a successful path
Navigation is a complex task that is becoming more involved as drivers expect more functions. Routing is an important building block for vehicles of the future.
is their ability to connect with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The newest systems are capable of showing an “electronic horizon” that combines map data and route information from the navigation system and provides it for further processing to driver assistance ECUs. Elektrobit’s electronic horizon solution features the most detailed road geometry data currently on the market. It leverages the same precision data used for highway engineering and thus allows more accurate driver-assistance functions. Drivers benefit from popular features like curve-speed warnings, adaptive curve lights, night vision, traffic-sign recognition, range determination, and fuel-efficient driving.
Fig. 8: An electronic horizon solution allows more accurate driver-assistance functions like curve-speed warnings, adaptive curve lights, night vision, traffic-sign recognition and fuel-efficient driving.

Environmentally friendly

As computing capabilities and sensor capabilities rise while software improvements continue, navigation systems are going to offer even more routing capabilities and features. Systems will have more information on restrictions for roads, such as lane changes during peak hours and changes in toll pricing.

Electric vehicle owners, in particular will benefit from software that looks for eco-friendly routes. One technique is to utilize elevation and slope information that’s beginning to be included in mapping databases. Directions that reduce hills can help save fuel for vehicles with internal combustion engines. However, determining paths that minimize drain on batteries can be a bigger boon for electric vehicles.

This can especially be a big benefit for drivers of electric vehicles who may have range anxiety. When hills can’t be avoided, powertrains can prepare for a hill, shifting into a lower gear at the start of the rise rather than waiting until the vehicle is partway up the hill.

Fig. 9: Electric vehicle owners who may have range anxiety will benefit from software that looks for eco-friendly routes

Faster processing and the availability of elevation data are not the only enhancements in the emerging generation of navigation systems. Accuracy is also being improved.

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