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July 13, 2012 //By Waqar Saleem, Fujitsu Semiconductor America
Take advantage of new HMI tools for embedded graphics design
In this Product How-to article, Waquar Saleem of Fujitsu describes how the use of the company's CGI Studio tool suite can be used to speed up the design of display-enabled HMI/GUI-based embedded systems.
graphics memory bandwidth requirements. The possible number of hardware iterations and valuable project time saved as a result of this would carry immense benefits to the initiative.

CGI Studio
CGI Studio is an HMI tool chain from Fujitsu and is targeted for automotive clusters and infotainment systems. The tool has been specifically designed from the ground up for automotive applications.

The tool chain offers a flexible licensing model covering a variety of usage scenarios, such as tool evaluation, prototyping and reference design, product development for one or more vehicle platforms, etc. As with any tool, it consists of different blocks or modules.

Figure 2. Scene Composer IDE Snapshot
This is the part of CGI Studio that composes 2D and 3D scenes. It allows combining 2D and 3D content, thereby enabling the seamless process flow. Within a scene, it allows separating 2D and 3D content in distinct layers so that they can be catered to their respective needs.

One of the inputs to this tool is the graphics assets. They could be generated using industry standard 3D and 2D authoring tools. Some examples of graphics assets are Models and Geometry in FBX format, Textures, 2D True Type Fonts, 3D Fonts, etc.

Another key input to the scene composer is the widgets. As mentioned earlier, these are blocks of code that assign behavior to the elements of graphics. For example, a widget could control the movement of a needle for a cluster application. Other inputs to the tools are animation and shader program for the GPU.

Scene composer allows drag and drop of imported 2D/3D graphics assets and widgets. This enables easy 2D/3D scene composition and object configuration. Controls for light and camera are also available.

It is capable of creating animations and also configuration and assignment relative to 2D/3D widget properties. Scene Composer is “display controller layer and multi-display” aware. It has a mechanism to export the output of scene composer

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