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July 13, 2012 //By Waqar Saleem, Fujitsu Semiconductor America
Take advantage of new HMI tools for embedded graphics design
In this Product How-to article, Waquar Saleem of Fujitsu describes how the use of the company's CGI Studio tool suite can be used to speed up the design of display-enabled HMI/GUI-based embedded systems.
for running on either the host or the target.

Figure 3. CGI Studio Process Flow
Active scene is always rendered using a WYSIWYG approach. As a result, it is possible to visually inspect the imported graphics assets early in the development. Moreover, object properties can be dynamically changed in the active scene to get immediate results and timely evaluation.

Candera Engine
This CGI module runs the output of the Scene Composer. Candera Engine can run either on the host or on the actual target. It supports both 2D and 3D, thereby allowing one tool for both types of developments

Candera 2D engine supports dynamic scene graph. It supports 2D animations, including smooth rotation, scaling, and translation of bitmaps. In order to enable seamless integration, the 2D engine supports interaction with the 3D engine in a number of ways.

For example, it supports render to texture, can post-process 3D images, and can combine scenes with 3D, etc. In addition to that, it supports hardware layers, multiple displays, alpha blending, 2D widgets, and text rendering.

Candera 3D engine is based on OpenGL-ES 2.0 and is fully compliant with the standard specification. It has been designed to be OS, application, and hardware agnostic.

Its key functions are screen and scene management, handling 3D objects and their processing, animation framework, and asset management in the embedded system’s memory. It also optimizes render order and state management.

One of the key modules is the Player. It runs the generate application on the host as well as on the target. As a result, it is possible to see verify the application on the host even before it is deployed on the target. This is also helps in verifying the widget design.

Other Modules
CGI Studio also has some other modules that bring distinct advantages to the table. Courier is an interaction framework that handles data binding and messaging with the host system, thus allowing smooth integration

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