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July 14, 2016 // By Tobias Schneider, Elektrobit
Achieving Cloud Scalability with Microservices and DevOps for Connected Cars
The connected car business has high demands on the exchange of data between the car and a variety of services in the backend. To solve current and upcoming challenges, a scalable and flexible architecture and team setup is needed. The paper has its background in the automotive IT industry at Elektrobit (EB) and describes our starting point, challenges and practical experiences. We have chosen microservices as an architectural paradigm in order to be able to replicate granular services for scalability, and to easily replace a deprecated service. For the development and operations of the services, we decided to have one team which is responsible for the backend infrastructure in the cloud. Also a DevOps culture was established. This allows us to deploy services with increased operational efficiency and code quality.

DevOps culture. This enables the teams to cope with the new technical challenges of cloud computing. From an architectural perspective, the decision for microservices enables EB to scale services and provides necessary flexibility. This is supported from an organizational perspective with a DevOps culture embedded in an agile mind-set and the quality improvements and possibility of software reuse from the inner source approach.


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Dr. Tobias Schneider is Project Manager, Connected Car at Elektrobit Automotive GmbH, Am Wolfsmantel 46, 91058 Erlangen


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