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December 10, 2019 //By Axel Mehnert, Hyperstone
The brains behind automotive storage in the connected car
The flash memory controller is a key ingredient in automotive storage and is responsible for managing a range of specific use cases and challenges.

Depending on the chosen form factor, the qualified flash and the controller, performance and reliability can be very different. Connected and autonomous vehicles have a diverse range of data storage needs, so storage devices should be chosen wisely based on what they will be used for. The selection and decision a company makes in regard to their storage solution provider in the automotive is paramount. Commonly used eMMC, SD, microSD and NVMe solutions must be flexible, support wide temperature ranges, boast an incredibly reliability eco-system, power efficiency and longevity. These are all valuable talking points one should be having in house or with their provider. Ultimately, the selection of flash memory controller is the answer to this question as no controller is made the same.

While on the road, vehicles face numerous challenges. Unpredictable weather shifts, vibration, humidity and extreme temperatures. Storage modules for the automotive market should perform consistently, and reliabilty. As such, they need robust flash memory controllers that can withstand these rigorous environments and use case specific challenges to ensure safer and more comfortable driving.

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Axel Mehnert ( ) is Vice President Marketing of Flash Controller developer Hyperstone. He is responsible for marketing, product strategy, and business development across product lines and market segments at Hyperstone. He has been involved with the Flash industry for over 15 years. Before joining Hyperstone, he held various positions at technology and semiconductor companies in product marketing, sales, and strategic planning with Siemens, Evergreen Technologies, and Texas Instruments. He holds a BS in economics from Kiel University, Germany and an MBA from Oregon State University.

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