Common headlight driver module with low EMI: Page 5 of 7

August 26, 2018 //By Keith Szolusha, Analog Devices Inc.
Common headlight driver module with low EMI
Single 2MHz buck-boost controller drives entire LED headlight cluster, meets CISPR 25 class 5 EMI

Automotive environments require robust solutions in the face of short-circuits and open LEDs. Short- and open-circuit conditions are safely handled by the multi-beam solution shown in Figure 6, and reported via the converter’s fault flag.

a: low beam to high + low beam   

  (b) high + low beam to low beam


  (c) low beam to DRL  


   (d) DRL 10% PWM to low beam


               Figure 6: Waveforms show smooth switchover between high + low, low and DRL LED strings for the LT8391A multi-beam application in Figure 5

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